About Us

The Arabic word "qantara" means "bridge". The project Qantara.de is a cooperation between Deutsche Welle and the Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (Institute for Foreign Relations). The project seeks to promote dialogue with the Islamic world and is funded by the German Foreign Office. 

ifa – the Institute for Foreign Relations – works with partners around the world to promote freedom in the arts, research and civil society. It gives voice to activists, artists and scholars, and promotes cooperation, pursuing its goals with partners across Europe. Based on its core competencies in art, research and civil society, ifa builds networks for sustainable impact. 

Deutsche Welle's mission is to convey a comprehensive picture of Germany while preserving its journalistic independence, and to present global events and developments from a European perspective. In doing so, DW presents both German and other points of view with the aim of promoting understanding between cultures and peoples.