on: Feminism, Colonialism and Islamophobia: Treacherous Sympathy with Muslim Women, by Leila Ahmed

This is a wonderful post and it points to some deliberately neglected considerations: The centuries old depictions of Islam, painted by the western / european nations have been and continue to be - done with the express intention of justifying the seizure of land and wealth through military colonial means. All armies run on money and for the western populations to fund these imperial aspirations, the population is told that this is to protece / save brown women from the supposed evils of brown men in some uniquely brown way - Islam. This message not only makes populations pony up the money to do this but it also reinforces messages within the western culture that maintain power in the hands of military and priests. The idea that women need rescuing and that men are here to protect women - so women should be glad that they have these good men here and appreciate them with servitude, for one. The idea that Christianity is everyone's savior and moral compass applies the same sense of obligation and obedience to all persons, regardless of gender. The idea that moral duty is enforced by military action is yet another. Thank you for this, ~sgb