Berlin Mideast Podcast

Podcast series on the Middle East
Podcast series on the Middle East

Monthly German-language podcast series Berlin Mideast Podcast looks at the current situation and trends in the Middle East.

The two co-hosts of the German-language Berlin Mideast Podcast series, political scientist Ali Fathollah-Nejad and journalist Marion Sendker, discuss topics such as the position of women in the Islamic world, the role of Arab armies in the region's political systems and the status quo ten years after the start of the "Arab Spring" with experts from the world of media, academia and politics.

Media partners of the monthly Berlin Mideast Podcast, which is realised with the kind support of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, are:

- - Dialogue with the Islamic World

- Iran Journal

- L'Orient à l'envers


Episode 1: The "Arab Spring" ten years on - summary and outlook

First broadcast on the 10th anniversary of the "Arab Spring"

Panelists: Loay Mudhoon (Middle East expert & editor-in-chief of Dialogue with the Islamic World), Andrea Backhaus (freelance journalist in Beirut), and Michael Thumann (foreign affairs correspondent, Die Zeit)